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The Benefits and Uses of Cable Connectors

Cable ConnectorsCable connectors are an essential part of any industrial set-up. As their name rightly suggests, a cable connector fits onto the end of a cable before it connects to its corresponding machinery.

Cable connectors essentially act as a protective barrier for the ends of cables. They ensure that your cable is securely housed to its equipment, as well as protecting the end of the cable from abrasions within an industrial environment.

A frayed cable can create a number of problems, including a reduction or complete loss in data transmission. Machinery within industrial environments requires constant and consistent data transmission in order to function correctly, and so every safety precaution should be taken in order to maintain this.

Cable connectors are incredibly easy to install, and could end up saving you money over time, as your cables are less likely to require as much maintenance as if they were exposed without a protective connector.

Industrial cable connectors can typically be found in two varieties – circular and rectangular. Circular connectors are used for servo drives and power supplies, found in wind energy applications, industrial machinery and plant engineering.

Lapp UK’s range of circular connectors possess a number of properties which make them an essential choice for industrial environments. These circular connectors are not only robust and waterproof; they also possess a good chemical and corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance and also offer maximum cable protection for the cables secured within.

Rectangular connectors are used for a number of applications, including mechanical engineering, lighting & sound systems, and especially machinery within the plastics industry.

Lapp’s extensive range of cable connectors, including inserts, housing and contacts are all made by their in-house team of expert engineers. Whether you require circular or rectangular connectors and whichever application you require them for, Lapp UK are guaranteed to have a connector to suit your specific requirements.



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The Uses of Cable Connectors
Cable connectors are used to securely attach cables, as well as protect them from a range of elements within industrial settings.