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The Advantages of a Cable Harness Assembly

Cable Harness Assembly

Unorganised and loose cables can cause a number of issues, whether it’s in an industrial workplace full of complex machinery or simply within electronics in your home.

Cable harnessing offers a practical and efficient solution to untidy cables, and is a time-tested method which is used within a wide range of applications – from car audio systems and televisions to large automation machinery.

So how does a cable harness assembly work, and why is it effective? Cable harnessing allows for much neater cabling, which is is beneficial for a number of reasons.

For those working within industrial factories where there is an abundance of machinery and cabling, you won’t need to spend as much time learning and subsequently teaching new employees what each cable is for. Instead of taking hours trying to work out where each individual and tiny cable plugs into, cable harnessing allows this task to be done in a matter of minutes.

A neater cable system also makes machinery easier to inspect, should anything happen to go wrong. Tidier cabling is also easier to clean, which is essential in industries where strict hygiene standards must be maintained.

Having cables organised and fitted into a heat-shrink outer sheath gives added protection against abrasions, chemicals and harsh environments. The outer sheath will prolong the lifespan of the cables within it, costing you less money in the long run.

Cable harnessing saves essential space within the units of robotics. Additional spaces allows for the inner components to move as freely as possible, without the risk of abrasions occurring.

Cable harness assemblies are tailor made to fit the cables for your personal machinery. Lapp use their 30 years of experience in the field to produce the highest quality bespoke cable harnessing. They’ll guide you through your specific requirements, design concepts and prototypes before presenting you with the final product.