Control Cables

The Varieties of Control Cables & Where They Can Be Found

control cablesControl cables are designed to be used in a variety of industrial processes and applications, for the control and regulation of automation.

Since robotics and automation play a huge role within industrial environments, these cables are essential for the smooth running of their processes.

Control cables essentially transmit information from one part of a network to another, allowing for an industrial application to function correctly.

As this is incredibly important in terms of both productivity and safety, control cables must be designed to be robust and interference-free especially within particular environments.

Control cables are incredibly flexible, meaning that they can commonly be found within conveyors, production lines and within a range of robotics. There are various control cable types, each with a different purpose. These include CY cables, SY cables and YY cables.

A CY control cable should be used within environments where an interference-free transmission is required. Made from a combination of materials which offer resistance to interference, CY control cables ensure that no data is lost from electromagnetic influences.

SY cables are best used within mechanical applications. Built with a galvanised steel braid, SY cables are incredibly robust. These cables are the strongest type of control cable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear from constant use within mechanical machinery.

YY cables are not as strong as SY cables, but are much more versatile. A YY cable is appropriate for a range of environments, but is best suited to lighter mechanical applications. When protected, YY cables can also be used outdoors.

Sometimes additional cable properties are required for particular industries. When using control cables within the food and beverage industry for example, additional cable properties need to be considered to ensure that health and safety requirements are met. This includes opting for cables which offer a resistance to strong chemicals so that they can be cleaned efficiently, as well as those which offer resistance to fats and oils.


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The Varieties of Control Cables
When it comes to control cables, there's not a 'one size fits all'. There are a variety of control cables available, each with a different purpose.